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Hi! My name is Aaron Bond, and I am a licensed professional counselor. I’ll tell you more about that later, but, let’s be honest, all of that technical stuff is probably not what you want to know about me. 

First and foremost, I’m a human being just like you.  I worry and get anxious.  I feel overwhelmed at times. I often call myself a professional hypocrite because it’s my job to help people figure out parts of their lives when, by no means, do I have all of my stuff together. So from the beginning I want you to know that I’m not some guy in an ivory tower who will tell you all the smart things I know about how to live a better life. All people are welcome and affirmed as their authentic self in my practice.

Because I’m human just like you there absolutely will be zero judgment from me about anything we might work on together.  I’ve been in practice for over ten years so there’s nothing that will shock me. I also am a firm believer that everyone is trying as hard as they can to do the best they can in their life. If you’ve come to a place where you need some extra help from me, it certainly won’t be because you haven’t tried something else before. You’ve been trying your best to cope, it may just be time for help finding new ways.

That’s where I come in. At it’s core, being a counselor means it’s my job to help you find ways to handle the challenges of life. Some of those ways might be new to you. Some of those ways might be ones you have tried before that could use some dusting off or upgrading. You will always be in charge of what we work on, what skills we practice, and what goals you have for yourself. We’ll work together to find effective methods to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the technical things I need to tell you about. 

I am licensed to practice by the state of Mississippi (LPC license #1763). I am a national board certified counselor (NBCC #292266). I have a masters degree in counseling (MS). I have been in practice for almost 13 years now in a variety of counseling settings. I am a board certified to provide telemental health (BC-TMH 2566) services so video sessions can be part of our work if you would like. I adhere to the Ethics Code of the American Counseling Association, and I follow the security and privacy regulations of the HIPAA laws. 

If you would like to utilize health insurance for services, here is the list of insurance companies with which I am currently in network:

That’s a lot about me! I hope some of that information is helpful to you as you decide about how to get the help you need right now. If I seem like a person that could be helpful, I can assure you I am a person who would be excited to walk alongside you for as long as you want the help. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!