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How often do you lie awake at night because your mind won’t shut off thinking about what you have to do the next day?

How often do you assume the worst possible outcome in a situation? 

How many times have you felt paralyzed because you had to make a decision, or a phone call, or needed to have a conversation that you just couldn’t stand to have? 

103,874,000 is the estimated amount of people in the United States who will experience some form of diagnosable anxiety in their life.

Do you deal with the resulting feelings and behaviors that anxiety causes everyday? 

Do you live with a mind that won’t stop? 

Do you live with the fear of outcomes that may never happen? 

Do you even avoid tasks that might help you because you fear it will not go well, or it will be too hard, or someone will think you’re making a mistake?

You may be a part of the 103,874,000 for reasons beyond your control — genetics, learned behavior, and specific situations in your life that you did not cause.

Unfortunately, the majority of those who experience some form of diagnosable anxiety do not seek help. The number of people that do not seek help is estimated to be an astonishing 59,000,000, or 56.8%.

Fortunately, 43.2%, or 44,873,568 of those suffering anxiety do seek help. You can choose to be one of them.

Those numbers again are:

103,874,000 experience diagnosable anxiety.

59,000,000 (56.8%) of those do not seek help.

44,873,568 (43.2%) do seek help.

I’d love to help you reset your life and experience relief from the anxiety that plagues you. Be in control of joining those who take the step to accept help.